This conference is intended for academics, practitioners, researchers and policy makers in various disciplines including Veterinary Medicine, Human medicine, Biotechnology, Biology, Animal Sciences, Life sciences, Natural sciences, as well as other fields related to infectious and zoonotic diseases ecology, adiagnoses and controls.?

Conference date: 2019-10-10
Location: Malang, Indonesia
Organizer: Brawijaya University
Sponsor: Brawijaya University
Published: 2020-03-09
ISSN: 2622-9692

Published: Mar 9, 2020

Environmental Managemen Model in Coastal Area (Case Study of Ekopesantren al-Khairat Palu Sulawesi Tengah)

Mar 9, 2020
Rihlah Nur Aulia , F M Jasin, Dewi Anggraeni, Sari Nurulita, Izzatul Mardhiah, Andy Hadiyanto

Using Environmental Learning Models to Increase the Students’ Productive Skills

Mar 9, 2020
Siti Oriza Salsijanti , Suyadi, Esti Junining, Wike

Factors for Emprowering UMKM in Maintaining Sustainable Bio Economy

Mar 9, 2020
Saparuddin Mukhtar , Kikin Yuliaty Subarsa Putri , Samadi

The Influence of Media Literacy in the Message of Diversity of Earth Convervation on the Knowledge of Indonesian Society

Mar 9, 2020
Kikin Yuliaty Subarsa Putri , Adamu Abbas Adamu , Saparuddin Mukhtar