The 7th International Seminar of Research Month (ISRM) 2018 is a seminar organized by the Institute of Research and Community Services (Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat –LPPM) University of Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” Jawa Timur. It is a science forum that brings together various experts from various background of science and technology to present, discuss, and solve problems using innovation and technology from their experiments. The inclusion of eco-friendly technology has become a mainstream in all research products, from policy, art, materials, and technology itself. All of those are utilized for the improvement of our ecosystem and for people empowerment.

This proceedings book is a miscellany of summaries of products from research and community services. We would like to express our gratitude to all keynote and plenary speakers, moderators, reviewers, presenters, and participants who have brought your expertise and contributed to the success of this year’s seminar. We would also like to thank the organizing committees during this event.

We sincerely hope that this seminar would contribute to a better Indonesia and the professional network that we have built will become stronger in the future. 

Conference date: 2018-11-23
Location: Surabaya – Indonesia, November 23rd, 2018
Editor: Editorial Board ISRM 2018
Organizer: Galaxy Science
Sponsor: Klinik Jurnal CAPA, Inbio Indonesia, Global Science, Nusantara Institute Science and Technology
Published: 2019-04-19
ISSN: 2622-9692


Published: Apr 19, 2019

Efficiency of Using NPK Fertilizer with Vermicompost Addition to Growth and Results of Soybean Plants

Apr 19, 2019
M. Arifin, P. Sukaryorini, T. Mujoko

Antifungal Activity of Seaweed Agains Aspergillus flavus

Apr 19, 2019
K.S.M Julyasih, A. Purnawati

Utilization of Semi Natural Media With Hydrolysis Method Using Pepaya and Pineapple for Growth of Pseudomonad Fluorescent Isolate Pf-122

Apr 19, 2019
Y. Wuryandari, S. Wiyatiningsih, Suwandi, H.F. Wati

The Form of Traditional House of Coastal Area at Tanjung Bumi Bangkalan as The Basic Preservation of Madura Traditional Architecture

Apr 19, 2019
M. Safeyah, E. Elviana, N. Takarini, A. Sutejo

Application of Klampar Batik Branding as A Tactical Image Forming Factor (Case Study of Batik Center, Klampar Village)

Apr 19, 2019
A. B. Wibisono, A. T. Artanto, N. Anggriani

Interior Dissemination of The Showroom of The Technopark Building of The UPN Veteran Jawa Timur

Apr 19, 2018
N. Anggriani, D. Agustin, W. D. Susanti

The Furniture Arrangement Study in Housing Type 21m2

Apr 19, 2019
D. Agustin, N. Anggriani, E. Djuni

Booth Display Model Training for Marketing of Tambak Products Produced in Tambak Oso Sidoarjo Village

Apr 19, 2019
D. Agustin, N. Anggriani

Packaging Design for Tradisional Snack (Object Study Kampung Kue Surabaya)

Apr 19, 2019
A. Solicitor, Widyasari, A. Sutejo

Readjustment of "Kalanganyar" Area as A Tourism Village With The Basis of Coastal Architecture Satellite Images Data

Apr 19, 2019
Eva Elviana, F. Mutia, A. N. Yunisya

The Study of Public Space From The Sociofugal and Sociopetal Aspect (Case Study: Faculty of Architecture and Design, UPN

Apr 19, 2019
Wiwik Dwi Susanti, M.Pranoto S, Sri Suryani Y.W

The Concept of State Defence on Spatial Planning Training and Education Of UPN “Veteran” of East Java

Apr 19, 2019
S. S. Y. Winasih, M. Safeyah, H. Prasetyo

The Role of Photography Technique on The Visual of Campus’ Promotional Media (Case Study: UPN Veteran East Java)

Apr 19, 2019
A. B. Wibisono, A. T. Artanto

Classroom Arrangement in Nurul Islam Kindergarten to Support Student Creativity (Case Study: Nurul Islam Kindergarten, Surabaya)

Apr 19, 2019
Wiwik Dwi Susanti, M. Safeyah, M. N. Trilita

Pictogram Design of Objects in The University of National Development “Veteran” of East Java Environment

Apr 19, 2019
Widyasari, Sutejo, A. N. Yunisya

Designing Advertising: Implementation of Visual Communication Design in Marketing Communication

Apr 19, 2019
A. R. Yani, D. A. Nisa

Product Design Assistance Activities and Product Innovation Counseling and Digital Marketing in Community Service in Rejowinangun Village, Kademangan Sub-District, Blitar Regency

Apr 19, 2019
I. Y. Purbasari, Sugiarto, R. Alit

Mobile-Based Spatial Map Application of Horticulture Produce in Wonosalam Sub District, Jombang District, East Java

Apr 19, 2019
A. D. Irfianti, Widiwurjani, I. Y. Purbasari, A. Hendi

Implementation Information System of Student Mobile Absention (SIMAMA) in Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” Jawa Timur T. L. M. Suryanto

Apr 19, 2019
T. L. M. Suryanto, A. Faroqi, N. K. Sari

Automatic Students Presence System Based on Face Recognition Using Surveillance Camera

Apr 19, 2019
B. Nugroho, E.Y. Puspaningrum, W. S. J. Saputra

Fuzzy and Artificial Neural Networks-Based Intelligent Control Systems Using Python

Apr 19, 2019
B. Rahmat, B. Nugroho

Data Warehouse Implementation For University Executive Information System with Speech Command Feature

Apr 19, 2019
M. I. Afandi, E. D. Wahyuni

Basic Computer Learning with Unplugged and Plugged Activity

Apr 19, 2019
S. Mukaromah, E. D. Wahyuni, M. I. Afandi

Design System of Internal Financial Report Applications (Case Study: Lppm UPN

Apr 19, 2019
C. A. Putra, M. Idhom

The Development of System Monitoring and Evaluation of Research Output and Community Service (SIMONEL)

Apr 19, 2019
R. Alit, Sugiarto

Application of E-Learning System for Teachers and Vacational Students to Improve the Quality of Learning in Realizing the School Concept Based On Information and Communication Technology

Apr 19, 2019
Kusnarto, A. Pratama, E. Solihatin

Superior Product Sales Strategy of UMKM in Desa Rejowinangun, Kecamatan Kademangan, Kabupaten Blitar Using Online Marketing Media

Apr 19, 2019
C. A. Putra, R. Alit, Y. V. Via

Teacher’s Digital Capability Improvements of Miftahul Ulum Surabaya Junior High School Through Training Utilization of Google Apps

Apr 19, 2019
A. Faroqi, T. L. M. Suryanto, R. Hadiwiyanti

Liquid Bio-Silica Fertilizer from Ash Solid Waste of Sugar Industry

Apr 19, 2019
K. Sumada, L. U. Widodo

Precipitated Silica by Precipitation Process of The Sodium Silicate Solution with Carbon Dioxide Gas (Co2) on Fixed Bed Column

Apr 19, 2019
S. Muljani, R. Dewati, Suprihatin, K. Sumada

Vacum Evaporator Application in Drinking Red Ginger Instant Using Rotary Crystalizer

Apr 19, 2019
Siswanto, N. N. W. Triana

Implementation of Freundlich Equation Absorption of Calcium and Magnesium Ions on Saturated Salt Solution

Apr 19, 2019
C. Pujiastuti, K. Sumada, Y. Ngatilah, D. I. Putri, N. N. W. Triana

Struvite Crystallization Control with Addition of Maleic Acid in Liquid Waste as Fertilizer Materials

Apr 19, 2019
D. S. Perwitasari, A. P. Bayuseno, J. Jamari, S. Muryanto

Empowerment of Light Exposure and Nutrient Composition to Photobioreactor of Algae Performance

Apr 19, 2019
O. H. Cahyonugroho, A. U. Farahdiba, A. A. H. Putro

Effect of Preoxidant on The Changing of Low Molecular Weight of Natural Organic Matter

Apr 19, 2019
E. N. Hidayah, A. T. Agripina, O. H. Cahyonugroho

Effect of Coagulant to Enhance Floatation Performance in Removing Organic and Grease

Apr 19, 2019
E. N. Hidayah, A. Amalia, R. K. H. Putro, D. Putranto

PH (Phiezoelectric on Hydraulic Ram Pump) Media Supplier of Water and Producing Electrical Energy Environment Friendly

Apr 19, 2019
R. M. A. Dienullah, F. K. Aini, F. Febriana, F. Rosariawari

Cultural Study of Fisherman Community in The Settlement, Brondong, Lamongan, East Java

Apr 19, 2019
Wiwik Widyo Widjajanti, Antariksa, Amin Setyo Leksono, A.Tutut Subadyo

The Effects Of E. fetida and R. erythropolis on Soil Microorganisms Activity and Soil Properties in Agrochemical Contaminated Soil

Apr 19, 2019
A. A Amin, A. A Jaziri, M. I Syafi`I, A. Kurniawan

Improvement to Production of Cassava as An Economic Potential of The Residents of Dawuhan Village

Apr 19, 2019
I. Ghozali, S. Zuhri, S. Zuhri

Degradation of Crude Oil Spills in Marine Waters Using Ultra Filtration Membranes and Biological Processes

Apr 19, 2019
N. Hendrasarie, E. Susanti

Preliminary Analysis of A Low-Cost Greenhouse For Salt Production in Tuban, East Java, Indonesia

Apr 19, 2019
A. A. Jaziri, A. A. Amin, M. I. Syafi’i, W. Setiawan, A. A. Prihanto

The Significance of The Difference Between Traditional and Tunnel Method for Salt Production in Tuban, East Java, Indonesia

Apr 19, 2019
M. I. Syafii, A. A. Amin, A. A. Jaziri, W. Setiawan, A. A. Prihanto

Analysis of Sea Surface Temperature with Total Suspended Solid Algorithm Based on Satellite Images Data

Apr 19, 2019
Wibisana Hendrata, Sukotjo B. M, Lamento Umbro

Study of Comparison of Salinity Value in Coastal of Sampang District Using Aqua Modis Satellite Image Data

Apr 19, 2019
S. Zainab, D. P. Solin

Customary Regulations for Awig-Awig as A Depending the State-Based Environmental Conservation Effort in the Village of Pakraman, Bai Province

Apr 19, 2019
W. Yulianingsih, P. Hastuti

Collaboration Network of Legal Education and Training for Local BEstuurs Orgaan in Local Government Regime

Apr 19, 2019
M.A. T. Fitriyah; A.E. E. Mahanani, N. A. Permatasari

Implementation of Human as Bridge in Advocacy of Cigarette Area in Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” Jawa Timur

Apr 19, 2019
Fauzan Aliwarman, Eko Wahyudi

Empowerment of Communities Creating Home Industry Business Based On Local Potential in Losari Village, Gondang District, Nganjuk Regency

Apr 19, 2019
S. Hidayat, A. Y. T Putra

Impact of Organization Culture and Organizational Commitment to Lecturer Performance in Riau Province Islands with Job Satisfaction as Intervening Variable

Apr 19, 2019
S.L. Ratnasari, G. Sutjahjo, Adam

Mapping of Spider Plot Diagram in Intellectual Capital Measurement in Creative Industries

Apr 19, 2019
G. Sukarno, W. R. Wigati, S. Irbayuni, M.A.T. Fitriyah

E-Learning Implementation as a Support Teaching Learning Processes for Lecturers and Students in Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “ Veteran” Jawa Timur

Apr 19, 2019
Nuruni I. K.W, Sishadiyati, Zumrotul F.

Making Ketchup Products to Build the Entrepreneurship Soul of the Putat Jaya Village, Sawahan District, Surabaya

Apr 19, 2019
S. Irbayuni, L. Susilowati

Theory Planned of Behavior Perspective in Entrepreneurship Intense Study

Apr 19, 2019
Z. Fitriyah, B. S.A. Utami

The Effect of Corporate Governance on Company Financial Performanceat Jakarta Islamic Index

Apr 19, 2019
I. Wikartika, F. S. Akbar

The determinant of Audit Quality Based on Internal Audit Capability Model (IACM)

Apr 19, 2019
S. Hastuti, R. P. Sari, O. Tannar

Good University Governance Oriented of Change Management, Management, Budgeting System, and Behavioral Aspect

Apr 19, 2019
G. S. Budiwitjaksono, E. Andhaniwati, L. Romaisyah

Analysis of Community Trust Formation Agains UPN “Veteran” East Java

Apr 19, 2019
Muslimin, H. Pudjo

Potential, Prospect and Investment Policies in Surabaya City

Apr 19, 2019
S. Muljaningsih, I. M. Hendrati, M. Wahed

Women Marketing Strategy for “Ramuan Sehat Jahe Merah”

Apr 19, 2019
T. D. Widajantie, D. Ratnawati, L. Romaisyah

The Impact of Concentrated Ownership Structure on Earning Quality with Political Connection As a Moderation

Apr 19, 2019
Y. Permatasari, T. I. M. Cahyadi, S. Trisnaningsih

The Perception of Students Toward Civic Learning to Improve the Quality of Learning Colleges in UPN “Veteran” Jawa Timur

Apr 19, 2019
S.I. Hidayat, L. F. L. Pratiwi, L. Diana

Application of Knowledge and Digital Marketing to the D’Bakulan Business Group and Enye In Sidoarjo City

Apr 19, 2019
S. Hardjati, R. R. Prayogo

Women as Social Media Entrepreneurs in Indonesia

Apr 19, 2019
A. Rahmawati, A. Kusuma, Sumardjijati

Empowerment of Business Group Household of Bandeng Fishbone Stick Snack in Segoro Tambak, Sedati Sidoarjo

Apr 19, 2019
D. Hertati, Nurhadi, A. Kriswibowo

Community Services as the Effort to Develop a Marketing Strategy of Innovative Shellfish Processed Product in Bluru Kidul Village, Sidoarjo

Apr 19, 2019
H. Suksmawati, A. Masruhin, A. Kusuma

Model of Education for Children in Using Health Internet

Apr 19, 2019
D. Claretta, Candrasari, I. D. Arianto

From Data to Policy: Database-Policy Making in the Case of Civil Service in Ngepung, Ngantuk

Apr 19, 2019
P.F. Nuryananda, B. Prabowo, Suwandi

Media Literacy in Increasing Reading Interest

Apr 19, 2019
R. P. Tutiasri, S.N. Febriyanti, A. Kusuma

Media Literacy Program for Early Chilhood Teacher to Enhance Children Critical Thinking Skills in Sidoarjo

Apr 19, 2019
S.S. Alamiyah, A. Zamzamy, R. Rasyidah

Youth Identity in Social Media (Virtual Ethnography Studies of Youth Identity Construction on “Kids Jaman Now” Content Youtube Channels)

Apr 19, 2019
S. N. Febriyanti, R. P. Tutiasri

The Use of Social Media as a Source of Information on Infant Immunization for Mothers in Surabaya

Apr 19, 2019
H. Arviani, S. S. Alamiyah

Development of Banyu Lumut Tourism Using Social media

Apr 19, 2019
P. Wibowo, R. Febrianti, R. D. Hapsari

Examining Relationship of Knowledge Sharing, Innovation Capability, Responsive Capability and Marketing Performance in Inkubator Bisnis at UPN “Veteran”East Java

Apr 19, 2019
L. Nirawati, R. R. Prayogo

On Empowerment: Case of Women Fishermen in Sidoarjo using Social Entrepreneurship Approach

Apr 19, 2019
D. Tranggono, J. Dwiridhotjahjono, S. Andarini, R. Rasyidah

Community Empowerment in Increasing Welfare Family Based on Local Potentials in Pakel and Garon Hamlet, Dompyong Village, Bendungan District, Trenggalek Regency

Apr 19, 2019
D. Tranggono, Tukimah, R. P. Tutiasri

The Internal Branding Implementation Towards Brand Commitment Building (Study at Universitas Pembangunan Nasional (UPN) “Veteran” East Java as the “Bela Negara” University)

Apr 19, 2019
S. N. Farida, N. Azizah

Empowerment of Fisherman Women in the Development of Nugget Shell Business in Bluru Kidul Village, Sidoarjo District, Sidoarjo Regency

Apr 19, 2019
Tukiman, Rosida, S. Andarini

Application of Personal Branding As a Campus “Bela Negara” at UPN “Veteran” East Java

Apr 19, 2019
E. Poernomo, R. Hidayat, R. R. Prayogo

Softskill Development of Educational Staff in Providing Service for Student at UPN “Veteran” Jatim

Apr 19, 2019
S. Hardjati, A. Prathama, R. Febrianita

Symptoms of Delik Report Conflict of Name Pollution on Social Network Media

Apr 19, 2019
E. Solihatin, Sukirmiyad, K. N. Denhas

The Evaluation Study of Implementation National Standard Library for University (SNPPT) in Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” East Java

Apr 19, 2019
A. Prathama, A. Kriswibowo

Digital Literation Development and Assembly for Increasing the Quality of Youth in Using the Internet

Apr 19, 2019
D. Claretta, Y. Candasari, Sumardjijati