International Seminar of Research Month Science and Technology in Publication, Implementation and Commercialization

Science and Technology have been very crucial aspects in the development of human kind. Science and Technology have also revolutionized human life, through its implementation, publication, and its commercialization. In regards to that, this event is being held every year as part of the integrated programme from our Research and Social Development Institution, to encourage further research developments and publications in science and technology. Furthermore, this seminar is expected to be an effective exchange of information for communication among the Government, Researcher, University College, Polytechnic, Industry, and Society as an effort to provide a significant contribution for the national industrial development strategy in the sector of science and technology. UPN “Veteran” Jawa Timur is very pleased to hold this seminar in supporting our agenda of Research Month. We believe this seminar is a great opportunity for all delegates to discuss the existing problems and find solutions concerning the science and technology issues. It is gratifying to note that the agenda of the seminar covering a wide range of very interesting items relating to the theme

Conference date: 2017-11-02
Location: Universitas Pembangunan Nasional
Editor: Dr. Ir. Sukendah, MSc Dr. Ir. Rossyda Priyadarshini, MP Ir. Eva Elviana, MT Euis Nurul Hidayah, S
Organizer: Galaxy Science
Sponsor: Klinik Jurnal CAPA, Inbio Indonesia, Global Science, Nusantara Institute Science and Technology
Published: 2018-08-27
ISSN: 2622-9692

Published: Aug 27, 2018